How I discovered dreaming again
Today I wanna talk about getting sleep and the quality of sleep. I tried an experiment recently and I want to tell you about what I found.

I've been reading and hearing in various different locations about reasons to not sleep with your cell phone in to your room at night. Whether the reason is RF radiation or Wi-Fi or EMF that surrounds the phone, this subject kept popping up.

I haven’t really noticed having trouble sleeping, but I was wondering what the difference would be or if I would notice a difference. So I decided to try it, and one night I plugged in my phone to charge in the living room before I went to bed.

The 1st night wasn't remarkably different, but I would definitely say by the 3rd night I was noticing a huge difference. I had started dreaming again. Not to say that I didn't ever have a dream before, but I didn't notice or wasn't aware that I had been dreaming when I woke up.
This time I had vivid dreams every night and slept some of the best sleep I have slept in years. This continued for 3 weeks.

Then I went on a short trip to visit some family. And as you can well imagine when you”re traveling- you don't have your own bed, you don't have your own nice dark quiet room- so sleep can be more challenging. And when you're visiting relatives sometimes it's hard enough to find any outlets available to plug in your phone, much less one that's not right next to you. And sometimes you need the alarm.
So on my trip I slept moderately OK ,but more fitfully, and not nearly as as well as when I had been at home.

When I got back to my house I started plugging in the phone in the living room again. And I started sleeping really hard and dreaming again at night.

So I highly recommend giving this experiment a try yourself. If you don't have another alarm clock in the house and you need it to wake up, try setting it across the room so that it's at least 5' away from your feet- and that much further away from your head- until you can get another alarm clock.

Some of my other best tips for a great night’s sleep are in this

What do you think? Are you going to try this?

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