There are huge myths surrounding “healthy” cooking oils and fats. Most people know “trans fats” are bad but may not realize what that means or how much they may be eating. 

Likewise, we are busy people so we want the things TO do, so we can take action.

A huge misperception is that saturated fats are all bad.

The human body does not benefit from the total absence of saturated fat.

The heart, brain, the kidney and muscles use saturated fats as their normal energy source. The lungs need it, as does the immune system.

Not all fats are created equal.
There are some fats you should definitely stay away from. They are sources of the unnatural and unhealthy trans-fats.
・partially- hydrogenated,
・heat-processed fats typically found in margarine, vegetable shortening or fried foods--

Labels that say 0% trans-fat are misleading because it just means there is less than 1 gram per serving… How many foods do you eat more than one serving? Those add up quickly to over 4 grams of trans fat per day. Even 1 gram of trans fat is bad for the metabolism and takes 9 months to detox from the body.

When you hear the words "butter" or ‘saturated fat’ you have been trained to think "heart disease!"

Butter, coconut oil (high in Omega 3) and
avocado and olive oil (equally balanced omega 3/6) 
are healthy oils to consume.

We have been replacing these natural, good-mood, satiating fats with rancid vegetable oils(corn/canola/soybean) overloaded with omega-6 fats. (Those oils are rancid before they even get to the processing plants and then are processed with heat or chemicals further oxidizing them and then filled with detergents and flavorings to cover up the rancid taste/smell.)

Common seed oils like canola, corn, grapeseed, vegetable, cottonseed, sunflower, and peanut oils can cause more oxidative stress on your body when heated.
Oxidation leads to health issues and aging.

If you want to drop those extra pounds and enjoy a wide array of health benefits, consider ending your fat phobia and add healthy fats back into your diet.

Use only organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut, olive and avocado oils. Cook with unrefined coconut, avocado oil or butter from grass fed cows.

▶︎ Cooking with coconut oil doesn’t mean you will have coconut flavored food. 
▶︎ Avocado oil can be added to recipes in place of “vegetable oil” without altering the taste or consistency.

Coconut oil and Avocado oils are the only two oils that do not change their molecular structure when heated to moderate and high temperatures. The high smoke point of coconut oil means that the molecular structure will stay stable even under high temperatures.

Olive oil is amazing when cold pressed and used cold, it's the heating that causes the problem.

Benefits of healthy fats and cooking oils:
Omega 3’s your brain and organs need
rich in micronutrients
Most nutrient dense and bioavailable
Less oxidizing to your body

Which oil is your favorite oil in the kitchen?  

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