Let me be your design person
I see you...
… you have a heart for helping people and you know you should have a lead generation funnel to find your people…

...but you don’t have the time to learn complicated graphic design
or you don’t feel creative, or like you have the eye for color and style ….
and you would rather do anything else than figure out on your own how to customize a lead magnet to your brand.

You want easy to follow steps to create a lead generation funnel and done-for-you options.

You are in the right place.

When I got my coaching certification 
I didn’t know what to do with all the resources I was given. 
I didn’t know how to design a website or brand myself. 
I didn’t know how to create a lead generation funnel. 

So I started researching… watching webinars... 
I took some courses… 
I learned the tips and tricks and how to organize it all. 

But what I discovered  is
I really enjoyed creating all the elements on the back end.
And my arts background made some aspects easier for me to accomplish. 

So I am here to help you with both the knowledge of what I’ve learned and my assistance to make it easier for you. 
1 lead magnet

~You get a beautifully designed Lead Magnet in PDF 
~ You get the Canva template to adjust as need for future use.

(Created with your custom content and branding. You reserve copyright)

$ 15

4 lead magnets 
You will get:
 4 Pdf’s of your 4 lead magnets 
 4 canva templates to use to edit the pdf for any changes in your future use.

(Created with your custom content and branding. You reserve copyright)

4 lead magnets plus

~You will get 4 Pdf’s and 4 canva templates.
~Plus 3 image options (per lead mag) for your website and
~a social post and story image (per lead mag) to bring people to your site

(Created with your custom content and branding. You reserve copyright)

Learn How Options

Mini Course 

Learn to make your own lead magnets and create a lead generation funnel on your website

✔︎ Learn the basics of branding yourself -with a weekly live coaching call to answer questions.
✔︎ Learn to create a lead magnet easily using canva
✔︎ Learn to create images to offer your lead magnet on your website
✔︎ Learn to create a funnel and plug the elements into your site.
✔︎ Bonus:  tips to style social posts pointing to the lead magnet


"If you’re stuck on how to organize your email campaign and brand yourself or business, this is the course for you!"
- Kim

Mini course + done-for-you graphics 

You get the whole course so you know how it all works. I do the design work for you to save you time and walk you through how to add it to the funnel on your site.

✔︎ Get the mini course to learn all the above.
✔︎ Complete Session 1  to create your brand guide
✔︎ Join a zoom meeting to discuss your guide/ design
✔︎ Have all the the design elements created for you
✔︎ Plug it into your site by completing Session 4


If you have questions, Contact me.
Mini Course FAQ's
1. How long do I get access?
You get lifetime access to the course content. 

2. Is there Live Help available?
yes, you get access to 2 live group zoom calls with the course for questions and working through your brand guide. There is also a private chat room to ask questions as well. If you need additional help private 1:1 sessions can be set up. 

3. How long will it take to complete the course? 
 Each video lesson is short- the longest is around 15 minutes. Total time really depends on how far along you already are on your branding. If you have a good idea of what you want for your branding you should be able to work through this fairly quickly. 

Funnel Coaching
Could you use some 1:1 guidance on your design work?
Where ever you are in the process of branding yourself, creating your website on the Attractwell platform or putting together a funnel offer, I have 1:1 coaching options to help you succeed. 

Sign up for a 15 min discovery call to see how I can assist you. 

"Our conversation last week about AW page building was the most impactful consult I’ve had in awhile!" - Kim

© Jenn James  

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