Hello Beautiful!

Do you want to feel healthy and vibrantly alive everyday?

My ultimate vision is to help women find a healthy lifestyle you can live with and to live the life you've always dreamed of and become the best version of you.

Now let’s back up to where I started…

 ...because I didn’t figure this out overnight and wake up the next day, rarely getting sick, no medications, sleeping great, and crushing all areas of life.

I was overweight, feeling like crap and couldn’t keep up with my toddler nieces at the park. 
➤ I was dealing with chronic pain and ailments and never felt like doing anything and I was exhausted all the time.

That’s why I started...  re-evaluating my lifestyle choices and searching for the way nature and God designed our bodies to thrive.
My journey...
➢ I started with whole foods and switched to cooking from scratch,
➢ I discovered a new favorite hobby in gardening in looking for better quality vegetables.
➢ learned about toxins in the products I used and changed products,
➢ found some improved sleep but kept trying,
➢ and continued to learn through the process.

My results...
✔︎ Initially I lost 30 lbs and gained a ton of energy, many of the ailments gradually resolved and I get great sleep at night
✔︎ But most importantly I got to the place where I felt worthy of taking care of myself.

Then I discovered a system for applying this result to other areas of my life and I  switched careers to help other women do this too.

I was introduced to the Oola framework that has helped millions of people worldwide positively change their lives. Which led me to look at the other areas of my life and discover how those areas can affect the state of my health, from stress at work to struggling relationships and even the lack of connection to a higher power (God).

Using the framework...
➤ I started working on my faith and deepening my relationship with God. 
➤ I started making relationships a priority and letting myself be present in the moment with family and friends.
➤ I started working on healing my heart.
➤ I shifted my career and completed my certification to coach other women through the framework. 

Are you ready to get started with natural wellness?

Are you overwhelmed where to start?
Do you wonder what needs to be tossed and what can stay?
Grab my "Beginner's Guide to Natural Living" and get started today.