I'll help you wherever you are.  
I live in Saint Paul, and I'm most likely on a Zoom call right now.

✦ Together, we’ll focus on ways to become the best version of you. 
✦ Together, we’ll share ideas, unlock new paths, and celebrate your wins. But most importantly...
✦ I will hold you accountable for making progress in the areas that will have the most impact in your life.
✦ In fact, one of the most important tasks will be to inspire and motivate you to keep going.
We become a team that is invested in creating the future you often dream of, but sometimes feels is out of reach.
Every client is unique in their life and their needs. My goal is to you get to your own Oola Life . . . whatever defines it for you.

When I work with you...
I hold space for you. It is a safe and confidential space to allow for personal exploration and growth. 
This process allows us to find out where you are in life, how you got there and where you really want to be in the future. 
Then, together we create a realistic plan on how to get you to your dream.

As we progress through the steps that need to be taken to reach your goals, I don’t just cheer from the sidelines, I offer guidance, I help you make adjustments and I keep you accountable. 

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"It's been 1 year since Jenn went through the Oola Financial Health coaching with me!! I have been able to become more realistic about my spending, able to stick to a budget, save money for fun and future, and stop worrying about money as much. "            ~Lisa
Tackling debt and other financial stress 
Have you been dreaming about how nice it would be to have your finances in order and not be stressing?

It’s never an easy quick fix to get there… it takes work, but it’s possible

If you’re someone who’s been spending too much and saying “I’ll get to it” when it comes to managing your finances . . .

It’s a barrier that can keep you from living the life you want. 

Debt puts your focus on making payments, not pursuing your passion and purpose.

Be Grateful, Have faith, and go get your Oola Life!

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Clutter creates a burden on us—it weighs us down and holds us back from our potential. In the same way that we need to physically declutter our lives and our finances, eliminating emotional clutter also creates space for something new and good.
This checklist will help you make space for something new inside and out.


Connection with others is a vital part of life and connecting with likeminded women who will encourage you and hold you accountable is priceless. Click here to find your community.

What Is Oola?

Oola is short for Ooh-la-la: it’s what life feels like when you’re happy, growing, and looking forward to what the world has in store for you. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve landed that better job, grown a bigger business, or watched your kids succeed at something they’re passionate about.

Whatever rocks it for you, Oola means living life firing on all cylinders—joyful, wholehearted, and ready to take advantage whenever good times and opportunity appear.

Oola is also the proven formula for getting back on track, and finding balance in our unbalanced world.

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