Since this is introvert week, I want to share a story about a time in my life when I fully realized I was more introverted in how I recharge energy, but I also realized some of my unique strengths at the time as well. 

I picked up a book off my shelf this week as I was diving into more life purpose and it reminded me of the time 10-12 yrs ago when I first read it….

I had been working long hours without any days off for weeks or months probably… knowing me I was probably working 2-3 different jobs… the kind of schedule where you eat, sleep and shower and that’s your downtime for the day. Anyone know that feeling of exhaustion?

When I suddenly realized my schedule was going to give me an entire weekend- 3 days actually, for memorial day in a few weeks- I jumped at the chance to go camping by myself. Having been constantly surrounded by people the past few months, I was looking forward to time by myself out in nature. I wasn’t equipped or experienced enough for a hike- into- the-woods camping trip so I found the next best thing- a rustic campground. Fewer amenities meant to me possibly fewer other campers. Most people had tents like me and no electricity meant less noise. 

I had the whole weekend to do what I wanted and had brought several books I had been meaning to read. In between cooking meals over the campfire and a couple hikes I spent luxurious days (to me) reading and resting. It was an amazing weekend and I felt fully recharged by the time I had to pack up on monday. 

Did I mention I love personality assessments? The book I spent the weekend reading was the Strengthsfinder book. The books come with a code in the back that you can use in an online assessment to discover your strengths. So when I got back to my apartment I took the assessment. This is unique because it doesn’t make any strengths exclusive to having another. It teaches you to identify and affirm your talents and how to use them for growth and service to others. 

We are all unique, but individually we all have a part to play in the whole of our community— a unique purpose just for us. 

Imagine living your life in your purpose- a purpose designed by God for you and using the abilities, experiences, passions and personality that you already possess. 

I’m a certified Oola coach.  Far from typical, the Oola framework lays out a personalized plan just for you. One that will guide you on a path to achieving the goals and dreams unique to you. You can learn to win in all 7 key areas: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun personally tailored to what winning looks like to you.

If you feel stressed out by life and stuck where you are or feel you are constantly busy but still not getting to your goals, I can help.

You can depend on me to be a source of encouragement.

To listen.

And to give you the tools of the Oola framework to create the life of balance, growth and purpose you want and teach you how to apply them continuously on your life journey. 

Join my free community of like minded women for a 30 day accountability challenge coming up in April. We will all set one breakthrough goal and work towards it for 30 days with weekly check-ins and encouragement. 


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