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Barely Surviving to Thriving...

Before I found Oola I was plagued with mindset and limiting beliefs...
I felt less than others around me.
I felt like I was never good enough.
I felt like I could never achieve what I really wanted.
And I felt trapped in so many areas of my life...

I was living paycheck to paycheck with no real plan for the future. 
I had a job I liked but the atmosphere of my work environment had changed leaving me wishing for a way out but no idea what to do first or where to go. My family relationships felt like superficial drive-bys, and friends outside of work or family were non-existent. 
I had drifted from my faith and felt completely lost. 
I didn't even make an effort to have fun in my life. 

If you resonate with any of those feelings, keep reading.

Then I saw a post someone made about the Oola book. The image and post were about faith....

I was intrigued by the hope on that single page image so I decided to try it and ordered a copy of the book for myself. 

Some transformations happened quicker than others, but now almost 3 years later Oola has magnified my life and I have a brand new perspective.

 My budget might still be paycheck to paycheck but I have a plan I'm implementing  to improve that. 
I've found joy and purpose in new lines of work. 
My relationships with family have a much deeper connection and we are intentional about spending quality time together and having fun. 
I have so many new friends from this amazing community and 
I have not only renewed my faith, but also grown in my relationship with God. 

Now I'm eager to show other women who are struggling to survive, how Oola can get you to thriving  in your life too. 

If you resonated with this and want to learn more about what I did, send me a message. I would love to get to know you and your story.


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