No one likes to clean the bathroom… and my two favorite DIY recipes
Time is short. You have lots of things on your plate. You have a family and you need to get cleaning tasks done quick.

Here are 8 easy steps for cleaning the bathroom in 20 minutes.
I do have these two recipes pre-made ahead of time so that is not counted in the 20 minutes, but the tub scrub only takes 5 minutes to mix up.

1. First of all, drop one of the toilet bowl Fizzies (recipe below) into the toilet.
2. Either sweep the floor or vacuum it, if you have a vacuum that does hard surfaces, removing all extra items that sit on the floor: wastebaskets, caddies, or rugs.
3. With a damp rag wipe off any items that are sitting out on the vanity countertop and move them out of the way to clean the vanity.
4. Use the tub and sink scrub (recipe below) to clean the vanity and the sink with a small scrubby (
what I use) rinsing and wiping down with a wet washcloth.
5. Use the tub scrub to clean the tub and shower with the same scrubby. A handheld shower head works great for rinsing the shower walls, because you can pull the handheld unit down and just rinse straight down all of the walls. Even if you don't need a handheld shower head for any other reason having one installed for this reason is a huge time-saver. If you don't have a handheld shower head, a large cup to pour water down the walls will work.
6. Now go check the toilet and see if the Fizzies are done fizzing. If they are, grab the toilet brush and swish it around scrubbing off any remnants on the inside of the bowl and flush.
7. Grab a spray bottle with an all-purpose cleaner (
my favorite all-natural cleaner) and a clean rag and spray and wipe the floor. Starting the furthest point from the door all and backing up towards the door as you go.
8. Replaced the rugs and the wastebasket and you're done.


Toilet bowl Fizzies

•1 cup baking soda
•1/2 cup citric acid
•1/2 cup cornstarch
•3 teaspoons water
•1 teaspoon All-purpose cleaner concentrate (
my favorite all natural cleaner)
•40 drops Lemon essential oil (
my favorite)
•3 teaspoons Vegetable Oil (grapeseed, almond, sesame seed, sunflower seed, olive)
•Ice cube tray or candy mold

1. In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients and mix evenly.
2. In a separate bowl, combine water, essential oils or blends, and vegetable oil.
3. Pour liquids into a large bowl and whisk together until combined.
4. Use mixture to fill ice cube tray or candy mold about three fourths full. If mixture expands and spills over mold, gently replace into the mold.
5. Let sit overnight to dry in room temperature area. When dry, pop tablets out and store in a glass jar.
6. When needed, put a tablet in the toilet bowl, hard-to-clean bottles, or sink full of dishes to help clean and deodorize. Let tablet sit in bowl, bottle, or sink for 20-30 minutes to fizz and dissolve. Once dissolved, flush or rinse out.

Originally published on The Lavender Life, here.

Tub and sink scrub

3 cups Baking Soda
¾ cup of all-purpose household cleaner concentrate (
my favorite)
1 Tbs of Distilled White Vinegar
30 drops of Lemon essential oil (
my favorite)

Combine all ingredients in a glass/ stainless steel bowl. It will be the texture of a paste. Store in an air-tight glass container or jar. Best if used within three months.

Hopefully this gave you ideas on how to streamline your cleaning, and some great non-toxic cleaners to get it done.
Do you have a cleaning tip to get something done fast? Share in the comments with us.

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