Life lesson learned from eggs Benedict....

I've been making eggs Benedict once a week for over a year. Practicing poaching eggs in a skillet of water and making hollandaise sauce and its been awesome! 

Quite by accident in the last month I've discovered 2 tricks to make the eggs cook in the ideal round shape. Now, they still tasted great, so I wasn't too worried that they sometimes were very odd shapes and occasionally the white was quite spread out. 

Then one day I was distracted and forgot to add the vinegar to the water when I put it on to heat up. I remembered right before adding the eggs and to my surprise, this helped the eggs stay contained a little better. Again, not perfect in presentation yet still tasted good.

A couple weeks later I was in a hurry and turned up the burner higher than the ideal cooking temp to get the water to heat faster. I turned it down when adding the vinegar and was surprised when the eggs stayed in perfect little round shapes- the best I'd ever made. 

eggs benedict

In this lesson I see how much I need to keep doing other things in my life even when they aren't perfect because the process and journey will teach me how to improve as I go. 

Self sabotage is a blocker that can keep us from reaching our goals and awareness is the first step in getting past it. 

Do you ever hold yourself back because you don't think your effort will be good enough?

When you are self sabotaging yourself here are 3 steps to get past these blocks:

Ready:call it out, identify it and bring awareness to how it's showing up in your life. 

Set: ask yourself what life will look like if you continue giving into the habit of holding yourself back.

Go: make a choice in the moment to change your thought, take an action step that can move you forward.

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