Life lesson I learned from my shoelaces

Life lesson I learned from my shoelaces
Do you ever have one of those things that you know you should do- but you keep putting it off because you don't wanna stop just to make your life a little bit easier? You know doing that 1 little thing could make everything else much easier, but you don’t want to take the time to do it, so you keep putting it off.

I had a moment like that this week. I have been taking a walk fairly regularly this summer. Every time I go out for a walk, about 2 blocks into the walk- I think to myself "I really should re-lace my shoelaces because then my heel wouldn't be sliding around inside my shoe and it would feel a lot better."

I could easily imagine how much better it would feel if I re-laced my shoes slightly differently. I knew what would fix the problem.

But I never wanted to stop and fix it, once I had already started my walk.
And then I never remembered to do it when I got back.

Last Thursday I finally stopped in the middle of my walk -
I paused my pace app.
I paused my music. 
I knelt down in the sidewalk and I retied my shoes.

A tiny little slight variation in the way they were laced, that I knew would fix it. And it didn't take me that long.

When I got going again it made all the difference in the world! I picked up my pace; I didn't have to think about my shoes or my foot sliding; I was walking better. It felt like my shoes were actually attached to my foot and part of my foot instead of this thing that I had to keep working around.

So my point is- knowing how to fix the problem and being able to imagine how much better it would be if the problem was fixed is not the end of the story. You have to do the action and follow through to actually get to where you are imagining you can be.
When I finally stopped and re-laced my shoe the right way it was so much better than what I had imagined it could have been on all those walks that I had been putting it off.

Whether you are avoiding a simple task like lacing shoes, or not organizing your desk so you can find things quickly, or putting off that job/school application because you don’t feel you have the time to do it; remember you won’t get to where you want to be until you take action.

How about you. What are you putting off today, that you could do and would make your life easier or better? Share with us in the comments.

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