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Healthy Habits with Jenn 
This group is going to be a place to learn along side each other in pursuit of healthy goals.
Several years ago I wanted to lose the extra 50 pounds, have energy to play with the nieces and nephews, and the strength to do yard work.

Topics will include:
• cooking from scratch,
• healthy habits,
• ditch an switch on better products,
• organic gardening and
• thrifty tips to stretch a dollar or reuse an item…
• And money saving promos on my favorite products

Everyone is welcome to share testimonies of anything that is working for them.
I will be sharing my tips and goals. I will be talking about different topics relating to how I've improved my health the last few years.
And I will be asking what your goals are. I will be following up on how you’re reaching your goals. And much more.
Lifestyle Secrets to Reduce Stress
Hello Beautiful!
Want to learn strategies to make life balance easier and more manageable?
Then This group is for you.
Welcome to The Lifestyle secrets to reduce stress, a community for women who are struggling to keep it all going. Let’s face it, women are the ultimate multi-taskers. But in taking care of others and the responsibilities of a career, sometimes taking care of ourselves gets put on the back burner due to other priorities. You may see the effects in your relationships, family or health.
But I found a framework that has helped millions of people worldwide…
I am a certified Life Coach with a 12 week program designed for women like you. I will guide and support you on your journey with the tools to bring your life back into balance and a plan to keep it that way.
This community is a place to come together and support and learn. Statistics show that implementing and sticking to a new healthy habit is much easier when you have a community around you where that habit is the norm. This group is free to join to find community, encouragement, strategies and balance.

Better fitness (physical/mental... Better life
This group is meant to serve as similar to the take a penny, give a penny dish at convenience store registers. Contribute value as you can, be supported and encouraged if you can’t.
This group will focus on physical/mental health. If you do well in this area, provide tools, tips, resources, hope, encouragement, etc. If you are looking to make improvements in this area, come get what you
Based on the Oola F of Fitness, I am co admin in this group. 

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