Are you ready to start a garden? 

Do you have so many questions about planning your first garden you are getting overwhelmed? 

Where do I plant things? 
Are there any plants that don't like to be neighbors? 
What's the best method? 
Do I need a raised bed? 
What do I need to start seeds indoors?
What about fertilizers?
When do I plant or start seeds?

Garden Planning Workshop

You are in the right place. 

These questions and more will be answered during this workshop. I will spend 90mins with you, sharing the tips I've learned about getting started gardening.
Topics covered include:
  • What will grow in my climate
  • 10 Basic Steps to planning and starting a garden
  • When to start seeds and what do I need to do it
  • How to transition seedlings
  • Expectations in gardening

*If the time slot doesn't work for you, a replay will be available after the live workshop.  If time allows I will open up to Q&A at the end.

Workshop will be on Zoom: Saturday, March 25   11am-1230pm Central US time. 
You also get a digital copy of my garden planner with pages you can print to customize to your garden plan.
  • Garden bed diagram
  • monthly task tracker
  • plant profiles
  • notes pages
  • and my Companion planting chart

 Garden Planning Workshop

90 minute workshop on Zoom
March 25 11am-1230pm Central Time.

Bonus: also get my Garden Journal. 

Bring your questions, if I don't cover it in the session and we have time at the end I will open the floor to Q &A. 

Once you register, you will be sent an email with the zoom link and the downloadable pdf of my garden journal.

Amount to be charged:

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